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Vol 5 (2013) Abstracts XI Geosed Congress Abstract   PDF
V.V. A.A.
Vol 9 (2017) Activity concentration and spatial distribution of radon radionuclides in beach sands of Gaza Strip, Palestine Abstract   PDF
Khalid Fathi Ubeid, Khaled Ahmed Ramadan
Vol 4 (2012) An overview of the Holocene vegetation history from the central Mediterranean coasts Abstract   PDF
Federico Di Rita, Donatella Magri
Vol 10 (2018) Assessment of Heavy Metals Pollution in Marine Surface Sediments of Gaza Strip, Southeast the Mediterranean Sea Abstract   PDF
Khalid Fathi Ubeid, Mohammad Al-Agha, Wael Almeshal
Vol 8 (2016) “El Niño” is a tectonically driven meteorological event? Abstract   PDF
Gianclemente Parea
Vol 10 (2018) Benthic foraminiferal assemblages from Messinian deposits (western Sardinia, Italy): preliminary report Abstract   PDF
Carla Buosi
Vol 2 (2010) Biostratigraphic analysis of Paleogene lowstand wedge conglomerates of a tectonically active platform margin (Zakynthos Island, Greece) Abstract   PDF
Massimo Di Carlo, Giovanni Accordi, Federico Carbone, Johannes Pignatti
Vol 5 (2013) Biostratigraphic interpretation of Miocene holoplanktonic mollusc assemblages from Gargano and Salento, Italy Abstract   PDF
Arie W. Janssen
Vol 7 (2015) Catalogue of the type fossils stored in the Palaeontological Museum of “ Sapienza” University of Rome: 3 Abstract   PDF
Riccardo Manni
Vol 4 (2012) Comparison of different methods for debris-flow run-out analyses. Insights from the case of Nus (Valle D’Aosta, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Vittorio Chiessi, Renato Ventura, Carlo Esposito, Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza
Vol 3 (2011) Coral bioconstruction in a Burdigalian mixed siliciclastic-carbonate coastal system (Cala Paraguano, Corsica) Abstract   PDF
Andrea Mazzucchi, Laura Tomassetti
Vol 10 (2018) Correction factors for the effect of shape and thickness of SEM-EDS microanalysis of asbestos fibres by Monte Carlo simulation Abstract   PDF
Giovanni Valdrè, Daniele Moro, Gianfranco Ulian
Vol 10 (2018) Detecting asbestos fibres and cleavage fragments produced after mechanical tests on ophiolite rocks: clues for the asbestos hazard evaluation Abstract   PDF
Girolamo Belardi, Gianluca Vignaroli, Francesca Trapasso, Alessandro Pacella, Daniele Passeri
Vol 8 (2016) Detrital events within pelagic deposits of the Umbria-Marche Basin (Northern Apennines, Italy): further evidence of Early Cretaceous tectonics Abstract   PDF
Simone Fabbi, Paolo Citton, Marco Romano, Angelo Cipriani
Vol 7 (2015) Drifted Nautilus shells from the Bajuni Islands (southern Somali coast of Indian Ocean) Abstract   PDF
Ruggero Matteucci
Vol 4 (2012) Echinoid grazing traces on ostreid shell-ground from the Pliocene Ficulle quarry (central Italy) Abstract   PDF
Letizia Di Bella, Ruggero Matteucci, Riccardo Manni
Vol 2 (2010) Effective infiltration variability in the Umbria-Marche carbonate aquifers of central Italy Abstract   PDF
Lucia Mastrorillo, Marco Petitta
Vol 2 (2010) Embryo size variation in larger foraminiferal lineages: stratigraphy versus paleoecology in Nephrolepidina praemarginata (R. Douvillé, 1908) from the Majella Mt. (Central Appennines) Abstract   PDF
Andrea Benedetti, Massimo Di Carlo, Johannes Pignatti
Vol 4 (2012) Environmental changes by mean the foraminiferal assemblages in the Late Quaternary deposits of Terracina basin (Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy). Abstract   PDF
Letizia Di Bella, Luisa Bergamin, Virgilio Frezza
Vol 10 (2018) Environmental monitoring of airborne fluoro-edenite fibrous amphibole in Biancavilla (Sicily, Italy): a nine-years survey. Abstract   PDF
Maria Rita Pinizzotto, Carmelo Cantaro, Maria Caruso, Luciano Chiarenza, Carmelo Petralia, Sebastiano Turrisi, Antonio Brancato
Vol 7 (2015) Evidence of seismicity induced by water level changes at the Mosul Dam reservoir and implications on the hydraulic diffusivity Abstract   PDF
Nabeel Hameed Al-Saigh
Vol 1 (2009) EXTENDED ABSTRACT - Integrated model for beach nourishment design, post-nourishment monitoring and beach-maintenance refills Abstract   PDF   Poster
Paolo Tortora
Vol 3 (2011) Facies and architecture of the Lower Messinian turbidite lobe complexes from the Laga Basin (central Apennines, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Mattia Marini, Salvatore Milli, Massimiliano Moscatelli
Vol 8 (2016) Farinacciella ramalhoi, n. gen., n. sp., a larger foraminifer from the Kimmeridgian – lower Tithonian of the Neo -Tethyan realm Abstract   PDF
Antonietta Cherchi, Rajka Radoičić, Rolf Schroeder
Vol 10 (2018) Fibrous antigorite in Mount Reventino area of central Calabria Abstract   PDF
Antonella Campopiano, Maria Rosaria Bruno, Angelo Olori, Federica Angelosanto, Antonino Iannò, Stefano Casciardi, Alessandra Spadafora
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