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Vol 5 (2013) Abstracts XI Geosed Congress Abstract   PDF
V.V. A.A.
Vol 9 (2017) Activity concentration and spatial distribution of radon radionuclides in beach sands of Gaza Strip, Palestine Abstract   PDF
Khalid Fathi Ubeid, Khaled Ahmed Ramadan
Vol 4 (2012) An overview of the Holocene vegetation history from the central Mediterranean coasts Abstract   PDF
Federico Di Rita, Donatella Magri
Vol 8 (2016) “El Niño” is a tectonically driven meteorological event? Abstract   PDF
Gianclemente Parea
Vol 2 (2010) Biostratigraphic analysis of Paleogene lowstand wedge conglomerates of a tectonically active platform margin (Zakynthos Island, Greece) Abstract   PDF
Massimo Di Carlo, Giovanni Accordi, Federico Carbone, Johannes Pignatti
Vol 5 (2013) Biostratigraphic interpretation of Miocene holoplanktonic mollusc assemblages from Gargano and Salento, Italy Abstract   PDF
Arie W. Janssen
Vol 7 (2015) Catalogue of the type fossils stored in the Palaeontological Museum of “ Sapienza” University of Rome: 3 Abstract   PDF
Riccardo Manni
Vol 4 (2012) Comparison of different methods for debris-flow run-out analyses. Insights from the case of Nus (Valle D’Aosta, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Vittorio Chiessi, Renato Ventura, Carlo Esposito, Gabriele Scarascia Mugnozza
Vol 3 (2011) Coral bioconstruction in a Burdigalian mixed siliciclastic-carbonate coastal system (Cala Paraguano, Corsica) Abstract   PDF
Andrea Mazzucchi, Laura Tomassetti
Vol 8 (2016) Detrital events within pelagic deposits of the Umbria-Marche Basin (Northern Apennines, Italy): further evidence of Early Cretaceous tectonics Abstract   PDF
Simone Fabbi, Paolo Citton, Marco Romano, Angelo Cipriani
Vol 7 (2015) Drifted Nautilus shells from the Bajuni Islands (southern Somali coast of Indian Ocean) Abstract   PDF
Ruggero Matteucci
Vol 4 (2012) Echinoid grazing traces on ostreid shell-ground from the Pliocene Ficulle quarry (central Italy) Abstract   PDF
Letizia Di Bella, Ruggero Matteucci, Riccardo Manni
Vol 2 (2010) Effective infiltration variability in the Umbria-Marche carbonate aquifers of central Italy Abstract   PDF
Lucia Mastrorillo, Marco Petitta
Vol 2 (2010) Embryo size variation in larger foraminiferal lineages: stratigraphy versus paleoecology in Nephrolepidina praemarginata (R. Douvillé, 1908) from the Majella Mt. (Central Appennines) Abstract   PDF
Andrea Benedetti, Massimo Di Carlo, Johannes Pignatti
Vol 4 (2012) Environmental changes by mean the foraminiferal assemblages in the Late Quaternary deposits of Terracina basin (Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy). Abstract   PDF
Letizia Di Bella, Luisa Bergamin, Virgilio Frezza
Vol 7 (2015) Evidence of seismicity induced by water level changes at the Mosul Dam reservoir and implications on the hydraulic diffusivity Abstract   PDF
Nabeel Hameed Al-Saigh
Vol 1 (2009) EXTENDED ABSTRACT - Integrated model for beach nourishment design, post-nourishment monitoring and beach-maintenance refills Abstract   PDF   Poster
Paolo Tortora
Vol 3 (2011) Facies and architecture of the Lower Messinian turbidite lobe complexes from the Laga Basin (central Apennines, Italy) Abstract   PDF
Mattia Marini, Salvatore Milli, Massimiliano Moscatelli
Vol 8 (2016) Farinacciella ramalhoi, n. gen., n. sp., a larger foraminifer from the Kimmeridgian – lower Tithonian of the Neo -Tethyan realm Abstract   PDF
Antonietta Cherchi, Rajka Radoičić, Rolf Schroeder
Vol 1 (2009) Geochemical variations in heavy minerals as provenance indications: application to the Tigris river sand, northern Iraq Abstract   PDF
Ali I. Al-Juboury, Falah A. Al-Miamary
Vol 1 (2009) Hardground development and drowning of a Miocene carbonate ramp (Latium-Abruzzi): from tectonic to paleoclimate Abstract   PDF
Marco Brandano, Guillem Mateu-Vicens, Antonio Gianfagna, Laura Corda, Alessandro Brilli, Sara Quaresima, Antonello Simonetti
Vol 2 (2010) Hardsetting soil in alluvial fan sediments at Sinjar area, northwestern Iraq: mineralogy and geochemistry Abstract   PDF
Salim Qassim Al-Naqib, Ali Ismail Al-Jub
Vol 8 (2016) Heterochrony and evolution in some Toarcian ammonites. Speculations and insights Abstract   PDF
Domenico Ridente
Vol 8 (2016) Microfaunal assemblages in the Late Pleistocene rhodolith facies from Pontine Archipelago shelf Abstract   PDF
Virgilio Frezza, Michela Ingrassia, Eleonora Martorelli, Francesco Latino Chiocci, Ruggero Matteucci, Letizia Di Bella
Vol 5 (2013) Miocene benthic foraminifera from the Soluq area, ne Libya: biostratigraphy and environmental significance Abstract   PDF
Esam O. Abdulsamad, Saeed M. El Zanati
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