New evidences of mammal tracks from the Pleistocene of Gonnesa area (southwestern Sardinia, Italy)

Daniel Zoboli, Gian Luigi Pillola


In this work, we report the occurrence of proboscidean and canid footprints in the Sardinian fossil record. The ichnofossils are assigned to Proboscipeda panfamilia McNeil, Hills, Tolman and Kooyman, 2007, and Canipeda isp. The studied footprints are preserved in highly consolidated aeolian deposits from the Pleistocene of Funtana Morimenta and Porto Paglia areas (Gonnesa, southwestern Sardinia, Italy). The recovered mammoth ichnofossils are represented by isolated manus-pes couples preserved as hyporeliefs and/or epireliefs. Furthermore, other footprints were observed in situ.

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